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The government funded School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme (SFVS) supplies fresh produce to schools for snack times. Unfortunately, the logistics of the scheme mean that there are 6 days a year where fresh is replaced by raisins and sultanas.

As they are marketed as “natural” with “no added sugar”, teachers, children and caregivers often believe that they are a healthy snack choice.

Some whole school policies permit them to be eaten on the playground by all pupils as snacks every day, increasing the risk of dental caries.

Sending out the wrong message?

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Raisin Awareness is a step forward to reduce the risk of tooth decay amongst the children in these schools.

Services Included

Awesome Oral Health will make all arrangements for:

6 x Year Raisin Swap by liaising between school and veg supplier. Ensuring produce is locally sourced and arrives at a time convenient to school.

6 x Year Oral Health Education literature by liaising between practice, school and printers. Using recycled paper to minimise environmental impact.

Content for OHE supplied if practice prefer not to make your own. Ensuring up-to-date evidence-based advice in a format tailored to primary age children.

Thereby ensuring it runs smoothly & most importantly saving many hours of practice staff time.

What's in it for you & your team?

Benefits received

The practice can expect to receive
by partnering with a social enterprise with integrity and purpose

Positive image locally as a caring, family-friendly practice

Opportunity for practice staff to enhance job role and get more involved for boosted morale by visiting classroom

Being part of a National campaign promoting dental health messages with a positive impact for your employees, community and the environment

Practice logo and contact details distributed regularly to all families

Opportunity to generate more publicity as desired

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THE PROFESSIONALS Supporting the campaign

Started by passionate dental nurse and mum, Jo Dawson, the Raisin Awareness project has gained support from National Dental Bodies who are keen to add their voices to the campaign. We are honoured to have a wealth of expertise and dedicated professionals on the Raisin Awareness Advisory Board.