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The government funded School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme (SFVS) supplies fresh produce to schools for snack times. Unfortunately, the logistics of the scheme mean that there are 6 days a year where fresh is replaced by raisins and sultanas.

Like processed fruit snacks, they are marketed as “natural” with “no added sugar”, teachers, children and caregivers often believe that they are a healthy snack.

They are permitted in some whole school policies allowing them to be brought onto the playground by all pupils as snacks every day, increasing the risk of dental caries.

Tooth extraction as a result of dental decay is the most common reason for hospital admissions in the 5-9 year old age group, costing the NHS over £30 million a year.   The majority of children miss at least 2 school days for hospital appointments and recovery, because of this usually preventable disease.

Sending out the wrong message?

Raisin Awareness is a step forward to reduce the risk of tooth decay amongst the children in these schools.

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Discover the benefits of linking up with your local dental practice

Benefits to the School wider Community

Positive Relationships
Connecting Locally
Linking up with a local dental practice providing a positive image of the dental profession to build trust and underlining the importance of regular check-ups for everyone
Positive Relationships
Free Material
Oral Health Literature
Delivering regular, free of charge, evidence-based OH literature in a fun way to all families in each school, reaching even those who don't see a dentist
Free Material
Professional Engagement
Classroom Visits
Opportunity to invite dental professionals in (great fun as well as educational) Thus, covering suggestions on Promoting Oral Health found in:
Professional Engagement
Improving Oral Health
Reducing risk of Tooth decay
Funding fresh vegetable alternatives to dried fruit snacks on the first day of every half term, supporting tooth-friendly changes to school snack policies and educating how best to take care of their teeth and mouths at home
Improving Oral Health

Is your School?

Our Mission 2022

We aim to get 100 Schools and 100 Dental practices linked promoting oral health messages together.

We also want to get 1000 signatures on our petition  to make the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme bigger and better in a number of ways.

We Aim to have 100 Schools involved by end of 2022
Linking together for healthier smiles 2%
We Aim to have 100 Dental Practices linked by end 2022
Linking together for healthier smiles 2%
We Aim to have 1000 Signatures by end 2022
Bigger and Better School Fruit and Veg 16%
Time to get Involved?

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Meet our Team

THE PROFESSIONALS Supporting the campaign

Started by passionate dental nurse and mum, Jo Dawson, the Raisin Awareness project has gained support from National Dental Bodies who are keen to add their voices to the campaign. We are honoured to have a wealth of expertise and dedicated professionals on the Raisin Awareness Advisory Board. 

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