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Calling all Primary School Teachers!

Would you like to get your whole school smiling?

While teaching skills to increase children’s life outcomes?

With mental health and general health benefits?

By having a lot of fun in a hands-on event?

Awesome Smiles September Stations is here for you 😊

All content accredited, including videos

Paid for by CCC so available for free to all primary schools in Cambridgeshire

Simple to sign up now with only your feedback required

Set a date in September and (with minimum set up) give your whole school something to smile about.

Awesome Oral Health CIC

Passionate about sharing our knowledge to make more smiles healthy


Sustainably reaching out with incredible partners to positively impact local communities

Awesome Oral Health promotes
Child Oral Health

Improving Children's oral health nationally

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Proactive strategies to reduce preventable disease

Awesome Oral Health Website

Developing Partnerships for greater impact


Positively marketing the Dental Profession


Family friendly Practices

Staff Development

Staff development

Message from Jo Dawson
Raisin Awareness  Project

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