Awesome Smiles September Stations – information for parents, guardians, carers

Dear all

Wonderful news that your child’s primary school is joining the fun and getting excited about celebrating healthy smiles in our Awesome Smiles September Stations event.

Here at Awesome Oral Health we are passionate about sharing our dental knowledge to empower children and families to prevent tooth decay.

By supporting primary schools we can reach thousands of children and offer teachers the evidenced-based age-appropriate lesson plans and resources which have been accredited by the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy.

Aim – to reduce tooth decay and it’s negative side effects:

time off school (and work) for dental treatment appointments



life chances with

blah blah…..

Intended Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of these activities, students will be able to:
• Identify their personal motivations for looking after their smile, and use as inspiration to
create artwork.
• Recognise members of the dental practice team and perform in a role play of a check-up visit.
• Demonstrate a systematic tooth brushing technique covering all surfaces and list what tools
they could use to accurately time 2 minutes.
• Estimate the amount of sugar in a variety of popular drinks and compare which are more
damaging/safer for teeth.
• Classify food items into high or low sugar categories and arrange accordingly as either
suitable for consumption as a snack or best kept to mealtimes.
• State how often and for how long tooth brushing is advised. Describe how much fluoride
toothpaste should be used. Explain why rinsing after brushing is not recommended.

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