Dried fruit with a meal
helps keep a smile real

Public Health England advises that sticky dried fruits are best kept to mealtimes

Raisin Awareness  Linking Schools and Practices together

To improve the oral health of children in primary schools

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Raisin Swap for tooth-friendly vegetables (to replace SFVS dried fruit 6x year)

helping to reduce their risk of tooth decay

To encourage tooth friendly snacks in primary schools

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Support for school and families to review whole school snack policies

Enabling healthy changes to every day choices on the playground

Our Aims

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Continually working with our partners to change government policy to expand the SFVS to older children and to utilise more British produce

# Bigger Better School Fruit Veg

To Link Dental Practices with Primary Schools

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A positive image of the dental profession to build trust and encourage pupils to attend for regular check-ups

an opportunity to invite dental professionals into the classroom as and when circumstances permit

To supply regular Oral Health Education literature to all pupils

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Sharing key dental messages from the evidenced-based Delivering Better Oral Health toolkit

Delivered in a fun format at no cost to school

Supported By
Raisin Awareness  Partnership Benefits

Primary Schools

The Raisin Awareness link up requires minimal time and expense for maximum impact.  The overall aim is to help reduce the risk of tooth decay in Primary school children, while simultaneously aiding schools to meet the required standards in Oral Health promotion.

Linking Schools and Practices together

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Dental Practices

We have the knowledge to help improve lives and reduce inequalities but not much time outside busy clinical work. This project is designed to be easy to implement as Awesome Oral Health CIC take care of the details, simply offering rewarding benefits for a small investment.

The School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme delivers snacks to 2.3 million of the youngest primary school children in England.

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Dental Practice Applications

Primary School Enquires

Raisin Awareness  on social media

#RaiseASmile to make School Fruit and Veg Bigger & Better

If you’re on social media and you’d like to get involved further, entertain your friends and family by joining in #RaiseASmile video challenge.

Have you shared your smile in an uplifting manner?

1. Make & upload a video “Raising A Smile” (from frown/neutral face to beaming)

2. Challenge a friend to do the same & also sign this petition too. https://www.change.org/p/bigger-and-better-school-fruit-and-veg

For inspiration watch our promo video.

Tooth extraction as a result of dental decay is the most common reason for hospital admissions in 5-9 year olds.

The majority of children miss at least two school days for hospital appointments and recovery, because of this usually preventable disease.

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