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I’m not running the whole event in my school but will be taking my class through the activity stations. Do I need to read all the PDFs in this information pack?

No – you could simply: 

  • Read Page ii (Overarching Aim, Objectives and ILOs) 
  • Watch the 6 x 1-minute videos 
  • and have a look at the lesson plans tailored to your key stage to get the idea of structure and timings (Remember for simplicity Reception is included with KS1) 
  • Check with your Oral Health Champion what date/ time your class is scheduled to visit the Awesome Smiles September Stations and prepare to have fun!  

You might find reading these FAQs could also be helpful. 

How do I use the Timer Video?

This is designed to be projected onto a wall or whiteboard for all to see.  It is a guide to how long is left on each station and which part of the lesson plan.  It includes hundredths of a second to encourage a fast-pace for an exciting experience.   

When considering Lesson time management, always be flexible for your children.  It should be fun not stressful.  Smile 😊 


Are there any culturally sensitive questions that may arise?

Platform 1 Smile Art:  How can dental health affect general health? 

As will all information in this resource, although it is from evidence-based government guidelines please use your discretion and share in a sensitive manner so as not to worry children who might be concerned about their family’s health. 

 Platform 2 Twisted Egg and Spoon: It may not be possible to use alcohol gel in a class because of allergies or religious grounds but there are 2 options for the 3rd item on the attention Grab so, if you can’t use or don’t have alcohol gel, you could use hand wash. 

Optional Plaque disclosing tablets: Permissions may be needed to send home disclosing tablets if purchased and when given out should be supplied with instructions (Page xii) in either printed or digital format. 


How many staff members are required to run this event?

For reception and KS1 classes more guidance will be needed during the activities so it is advisable to have an attendant at each station.  This could be a staff member if available or year 6 students might enjoy helping the younger pupils. 

For KS2 classes it is left to the teacher’s judgement for each activity station as to whether extra guidance beyond the PDF is required. 


How long will each activity station take?

The whole round robin of 6 activity stations is designed to last an hour with 10 minutes spent at each. 

Logistically, it may be wise to prepare your class before entering the Awesome Smiles room/ hall so that they can get going straight away. i.e. Split them into 6 groups (of evenly mixed ability) beforehand. 


Is there a minimum or maximum number of children on each station?

No, simply divide your class into 6 so they can rotate around the room. 

The Oral Health Champion who sets up the event should ensure that there are enough materials for the largest group size. 

Are there any provisions within the activities for SEN?

The stations are practical group activities to stand up and move around, with no need for reading or writing by less confident pupils. 

A link to Advice for parents of children with Autism published by the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry can be found on page ix. 

How do we get parental cooperation?

By personalising the template parental letter (page xii) and sending out before the summer holidays you can inform the families about the upcoming event in SeptemberThen you could send a reminder a few days or a week before the Awesome Smiles September Stations event date reiterating how families can benefit from encouraging healthy habits at home. 

We suggest that every school takes advantage of the marvellous Top Tips for Teeth leaflets available for free from Public Health England (see Materials to be ordered in advance on page viii) to give every child to share the messages at home.

Are there any additional reading and resources to direct children and families to?

Yes. There are a number of links on pages viii and ix to freely available materials as well as some educational items for purchase on page x.

What about the children who do not have a dentist?

Page ix has a link to the NHS website suggesting how to access local dental services however there is no guarantee that there will be a practice taking on new NHS patients.   

In case of emergency, i.e., pain or swelling, call 111 or refer to Toothache – NHS (www.nhs.uk) 

What do we do if some children express they have a cavity or toothache?

Refer their parent/guardian/carer to the above information. 

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