Latest Government Oral Health Advice published September 2021

The latest evidence-based oral health guidance from Public Health England was published on 21st September 2021. The guidance is the result of a comprehensive review of published research evidence on prevention and draws on a UK wide collaboration of over 100 well respected experts including frontline dental teams and patient representatives. Designed for use by all health professionals as well as providing dental teams with interventions and advice on how they can improve and maintain the oral and general health of their patients. It is available to view or download on User friendly with 13 sections to easily access the content you need. Covering topic areas including: Many of the risk factors for general health conditions also affect oral health, such as: poor diet smoking alcohol misuse The guidance includes advice on how to prevent the main oral diseases: dental caries, periodontal diseases, oral cancer and tooth wear (which can be found in chapter 2) with additional advice on: the use of fluoride, brushing your teeth, eating a healthy balanced diet, stopping tobacco use, drinking within the lower risk alcohol guidelines, how to support behaviour change.

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