New President of the Oral Health Foundation officially appointed on 6th December

Dental Hygienist Mhari Coxon is looking forward to her tenure over the next 2 years. She proudly takes over from Raisin Awareness Advisory Board member Ben Atkins who remains a trustee at the Oral Health Foundation. Mhari says: “In the past two years, the way in which we view our health has changed drastically, yet rates of tooth decay, gum disease and mouth cancer continue to climb, and we are still seeing disparities across the country with access issues continuing to pose a problem for many people. “As an organisation we’re regarded as one of the leading voices on oral health in the UK. During my presidency, I hope to shape and build upon this and use our position to help influence how the public view their oral health, how they connect it to their overall health, and empower them to get familiar with their oral health, encouraging early detection of disease and pushing the power of prevention. “I look forward to supporting the charity to achieve its’ full potential and helping more people have better oral health.” We wish Mhari all the best in her new role and are delighted to share her aims focussing on prevention. The Oral Health Foundation website is a fabulous resource for both dental professionals and the public.

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