New President of the Oral Health Foundation officially appointed on 6th December

Dental Hygienist Mhari Coxon is looking forward to her tenure over the next 2 years. She proudly takes over from Raisin Awareness Advisory Board member Ben Atkins who remains a trustee at the Oral Health Foundation. Mhari says: “In the past two years, the way in which we view our health has changed drastically, yet […]

Dental nurse Jo launches video challenge to celebrate National Smile Month

To celebrate this year’s National Smile Month, Jo Dawson, the dental nurse behind the Raisin Awareness oral health campaign, has launched a social media video challenge called Raise A Smile (#RaiseASmile). Raise A Smile is designed to be a fun, funny, interactive way to spread the message about the importance of a healthy diet for […]

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